Pompeii and Amalfi

Fortified towns and villages that are built on shores by the sea and little fishing villages come together to build an astonishing scenery that make the “Amalfi Coast” one of the best in the world and as a result the UNESCO have also declared this stretch of sea shore a world heritage site.

Destination preferred by the Hollywood’s elite and of the modern global jet setter the coastline is made up of many little villages and all with its own history and traditions. Immerging in this rich artistic and visual scenery alongside the culture and the folklore of this coastline you will see why the south of Italy is one of the most visited and talked about areas of the entire Mediterranean Sea.

Once reached the city of Positano, you will be able to walk along the small cobbled streets covered with small artisan boutiques many of which producing and selling the famous sandals that are solely made all by hand with premium leather. The sandals were first made popular across the world thanks to one of its fans Jackie Kennedy who was an ex first lady of the USA.

Our tour will continue to Amalfi, which its name spread across the entire coastline. You will be able to walk along its small narrow windy streets where the strong smell of its fresh citrus fruits will follow you around. We recommend that you embrace the local culture and treat yourself to a handmade gelato that can be found in many of the local artisan ice-cream producers. You can also explore and discover the ancient art of paper of which today is manly used to advertise special events such as weddings and christening.

You will then visit the hilly city of Ravello, mainly renown for its gold and sea shell production. The famous musician and composer Richard Wagner had visited this site back in1880 and fell in love instantly with its scenery and beauty, in fact its widely known that Ravello was the foundation of his inspirations for his works of art.

We will then stop at Sorrento for lunch, hear you will be able to sample an extraordinary dish the “Gnocchi alla Sorrentina”. The potatoes dumplings are smothered in a rich tomato and basil sauce with the addition of a stringy mozzarella. Sorrento has also had a key role over the centuries and has been influenced by many civilisations such as the Greeks, Romans and the Normans who have all left their own footprints on this magical city.

After lunch we will set for the archaeological site of Pompei, one of the most popular sites around the world, which was brought back to life in the XIX century. You will be stunned to see for yourself an entire city that has been perfectly preserved for century’s due to the eruption of the Vesuvio back in 79 d.C. were its lava and magna was able to exterminate an entire civilisation but at the same time has been able to perfectly preserve its artefacts. Because of the lava you will be able to see how the people of Pompei lived and the tools that they used to undertake their daily lives.

Pompei also offers one of the biggest visual itinerary that stretches across 3 km from the entrance of “Piazza Anfiteatro” all the way to “Porta Marina”.

The course will allow anyone with either prams or wheel chair to allow an easy access to the site and its attractions.

Throughout the course many ramps have been installed to allow easy access to the main buildings that are of interest.

The Tour includes:

Local tourist guide in Italian, English (other languages on request)
Pick up from Port of Civitavecchia / Fiumicino Airport / Ciampino Airport / Railway Stations / Hotel in Rome, with minivan equipped for disabled people (round trip)

Useful information

The Pompeii site Closed on national holidays.
It is recommended to bring a camera, sunscreen, a hat


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