Naples and Pompeii

“Naples is a thousand colors” were the words sung by Pino Daniele a famous singer song writer who originates from Naples. Without a doubt there is no other city in the Mediterranean Sea that has such a vibrant feel that Naples has. A local expert will explain all that there is to know about the history of this magical city, with its rich history, superstitions and its hidden gems.

We will begin at the “Palazzo Reale in Napoli”, the historical residential home of the Spanish viceroys for over 150 years and of the Bourbon dynasty from 1734 to 1861. Hear also lays the “Teatro San Carlo” one of the oldest theatres in the world that is still being used this very day. Will then head over to the main piazza of Naples called the “Piazza del Plebiscito” where the “Basilica di San Francesco di Paola” takes centre stage.

Naples is also widely renown especially for its Pizza. This typical type of pizza has a thin layer of dough in its centre and tall fluffy on the crust. After the visit you will enjoy some down time over lunch were you will enjoy a freshly made napoleon pizza and many other local delicacies. For those coffee lovers it’s essential to sample the local coffee and most importantly to enjoy it with a “Babà” or “Sfogliatella” which are both a sweet typical of this city.

After lunch we will head for what is by far one of the greatest archaeological cities in the world, Pompei. Following the volcanic eruption of 79 d.C. and the city was completely covered by a thick layer of hot lava that has completely preserved the city in its entirety. To this day Pompei is the biggest live archaeological site in the world. The thick volcanic layer has been able to provide a realistic testimony of what life was like during this period.

The main attraction are no doubt the grand villas where the lava has helped to protect many of the artefacts such as the mosaics, frescoes, sculptures and fountains.

Pompei also offers one of the biggest visual itinerary that stretches across 3 km from the entrance of “Piazza Anfiteatro” all the way to “Porta Marina”.

The course will allow anyone with either prams or wheel chair to allow an easy access to the site and its attractions.

Throughout the course many ramps have been installed to allow easy access to the main buildings that are of interest.

The Tour includes:

Local tourist guide in Italian, English (other languages on request)
Pick up from Port of Civitavecchia / Fiumicino Airport / Ciampino Airport / Railway Stations / Hotel in Rome, with minivan equipped for disabled people (round trip)

Useful information

The Pompeii site Closed on national holidays.
It is recommended to bring a camera, sunscreen, a hat


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