• DEPARTURE PORT: Civitavecchia – Rome


  • TRANSPORTATION: each van can accommodate 8 seated passengers, up to 6 wheelchairs.

This is the tour for all lovers of Italian cuisine, good food and true scents of the Mediterranean.

Rome is one of the cities with the oldest culinary tradition in Italy and its dishes are well-renowned all over the world.

From the carbonara to the vaccinara tail, from the amatriciana to the famous “thin and crispy” pizza, whoever arrives in Rome leaves with a full stomach!

But what do you know about how the many Roman restaurants manage to serve such succulent dishes to the many hungry customers on a daily basis?

There is a meticulous and daily selection of the best raw materials of the city, bought in the famous Roman neighborhood markets. Since the crack of dawn, the chefs scrupulously select the best ingredients in order to make the perfect dish to put on the table.

Do you want to live a day as a true Italian chef?

This first tour will take you to Rome’s most famous markets: Campo de Fiori.

Here you will find the most unique Roman raw materials and you will have the opportunity to buy ingredients that will allow you to replicate Italian dishes directly at home.

Campo de Fiori is the true essence of Rome not only because of its location, right in the heart of the city, but also because of its capacity to draw you in the everyday life of the city, allowing you to experience the flavors and scents that have always characterized the capital of Italy.

During the market tour, the guide will explain how Campo de Fiori is also an important historical and cultural center of the city, as well as a landmark for the Roman nightlife.

After the market tour, you will enter one of the typical restaurants of the city where a qualified chef will prepare a real cooking show of the most important dishes of the Roman tradition.

You will be able to observe the technique handed down from generation to generation and then be able to replicate it with the help of the chef.

At the end of the show, you can taste the dishes previously created with the chef.

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