• TRANSPORTATION: each van can accommodate 8 seated passengers, up to 6 wheelchairs

The tour will depart from the port of Naples on our way to discover the archaeological site of Pompeii, the most famous Italian site in the world. Its fame derives from the destructive power of the explosion of the volcano which, in 79 A.D., suffocated and wiped away the life of the ancient Roman colony. It is astonishing to admire the remains of the city, which still appear intact and unchanged over the centuries. Pompeii actually has the largest facilitated itinerary to visit an archaeological area in Italy.

The guide will tell you about a flourishing civilization, whose remains were found during excavations carried out in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. You will retrace the everyday life of the inhabitants of Pompeii and experience the last desperate moments before the end of an entire city. Over 3 km of itinerary, from the entrance in Piazza Anfiteatro to Porta Marina walking along the main arteries of the city with access to the most significant buildings and domus.

The route allows anyone including people with mobility issues, parents with a stroller but also all visitors who prefer a more comfortable itinerary, to visit the archaeological area in the simplest possible way.

Furthermore, disposable ramps have been installed along the routes to access the most significant buildings on the site.

After admiring the unique beauty of Pompeii, it’s time to move to another symbolic Italian city: Sorrento.

This town is one of the favorite destinations Italians’ summer holidays because it collects the beauty of the crystalline water with the authenticity and the deliciousness of the products of the south.

Enjoy the waterfront and the colors of the gardens that fill the eyes of both local townspeople and of those tourists who admire it for the first time.

Stop and enjoy a good coffee in Piazza Tasso, the meeting point of the city, perhaps after visiting the Cathedral of Saints Philip and James which is located right in the historic center of the city.

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