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Since 1979, Italy accessible to all

The story of Fausta Accessible Transportation begins in 1979 from an idea of Aldo Di Filippo after a family trip to the discovery of Italy’s beauties.

From North to South, the Di Filippo family visited and discovered marvelous sites, where nature and history mingled to offer visitors unforgettable life experience. Unparalleled frames ought to be seen safely and easily by all.

From this reflection came the idea: to fill the considerable lack of accessibility so that the beauties of our own country can become completely accessible, even to people with disabilities.

Year by year Fausta Accessible Transportation commits to enlarge its catalog of offers in order to supply the client with an ever-growing selection of tours on the many different landscapes of our country.

This mindset shapes the willingness to serve the many tourists who disembark with cruise ships in the many Italian ports.

Since 2018 Fausta Accessible Transportation’s fleet of vans has been operating in the ports of Civitavecchia-Rome, Naples and La Spezia, just a glimpse of a service which will shortly gain a foothold in many other port cities all around the country.

Every tour is designed with a format which includes departure and return directly from under the ship, custom-made to ensure comfort and security to our clients, thanks to the wide offer of accessible vans, each including 8 seats with 6 of them for wheelchairs.

Furthermore, each van is furnished with instruments and equipment in accordance with the law which will facilitate ascent and descent from the vehicle. If the attention to detail is a strong determinant of the quality of a trip, our state-of-the-art locking system, aside from ensuring safety, is an added value to deal with potential unpaved roads.

Last but not least, our qualified staff, which has been operating in the field for over 30 years, will provide ongoing assistance for every eventuality.

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