Christian Rome

The guided tour of the “Vatican Museum” will take you to discover the treasures exposed in the galleries of Candlesticks, Tapestries and Geographic maps to the magnificent frescoes paintings of the “Sistine Chapel” which was famously designed and developed by the great Michelangelo. There you can admire with your very own eyes the masterpiece that has been displays in thousands of books and Hollywood blockbusters. Most importantly you can embrace the magical view of the “Giudizio Universale” the creation of Adam and the historical episode of the Old and New Testament who was created by Perugino, Ghirlandaio and Botticelli.

Nearly all of the departments and sections of the Vatican Museums are easily accessible with anyone with any difficulties or wheel chair use of which the Museums have created a dedicated path.

The tour will continue with a visit to the “St. Peter’s Square”, the spiritual centre and true hot spot for the catholic across the world. Before entering the Cathedral, our guests will be able to admire the optical illusion on the Column of “Bernini”. This is where by admiring the Column on a special marked floor tile and looking straight at the obelisk you will see that the four Columns will all merge into one. Still to this day this type of optical illusion hasn’t been able to be replicated.

The Entrance of the Basilica of St. Peter is easily accessible with anyone with any difficulties or wheel chair to which a lift is available directly at the ground floor of the Square. The lift also allows people to have access directly to the Cupola.

The Tour includes:

Local tourist guide in Italian, English (other languages on request)

Pick up from Port of Civitavecchia / Fiumicino Airport / Ciampino Airport / Railway Stations / Hotel in Rome, with minivan equipped for disabled people (round trip)

Useful information:

On the mobile platform that allows access to the Sistine Chapel it is not possible to use the electric wheelchair or the electric scooter if it exceeds the following standard dimensions: 230 kg maximum, 1.05 cm long, 70 cm wide. A regular wheelchair can be rented free of charge at the entrance to the museum. Along the tour route there are equipped bathrooms.
Admission will only be allowed to decorously dressed people: sleeveless shirts, shorts, miniskirts and hats are forbidden
the tour is not available on Sundays and days of religious holidays.
The Vatican Gardens, due to the particular shape of roads and paths, are not accessible in a wheelchair.
In the Museums it is not allowed access to animals, even small animals. Exceptions are guide dogs for blind people, provided they have a leash and a muzzle, and pets certified as support for therapeutic treatments (pet therapy).


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