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Ancient Rome

This is the tour for lovers of the ancient!

You will discover the ruins of the greatest civilization that dominated the Mediterranean during its existence. The visit begins inside the Colosseum, the largest of the 80 Roman amphitheatres where the gladiators fought each other giving life to one of the most cruel shows that history has ever known with the addition of sometimes ferocious animals.

The visit continues, through the center and the heart of the life of ancient Rome, where public buildings, religious and politicians, the Roman Forum were concentrated.

You can admire the curia of the Senate in perfect state of preservation, where the fate of Rome was decided by senators. The entrance to the Forum is accessible and there are suitable toilets.

The visit will end in Piazza del Campidoglio famous for being reworked by Michelangelo in 1536 and deliberately oriented towards the Basilica of San Pietro, which was then the political center of the city.

The Tour includes:

Local tourist guide in Italian, English (other languages on request)
pick up from Port of Civitavecchia / Fiumicino Airport / Ciampino Airport / Railway Stations / Hotel in Rome, with minivan equipped for disabled people (round trip)

Useful information

The Colosseum entrances are equipped with ramps. The ground floor is accessible and the first floor is accessible via elevators. Two wheelchairs are available, one per floor, and there are suitable toilets.


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